A Goose and a Gull in Flight and Where They Landed

Today was a day of light west winds and a good day for avian life at cruising altitude.

This particular goose made a lot of noise in flight.

The goose was by him(her)self and made the flight look easy, like breezing through an exam.

Landing at the the cove in Inwood Hill Park did not stop the vocalizations.
If you've heard the loud noises that geese make, then you have some idea.

The gulls, too, looked to the westerly winds for what appeared to be gratuitous flights.

They were seeking food, for sure. The winds made ideal conditions for scoping out the food scene from aloft.
No extra flapping of wings was necessary. 

The gull depicted in the flight above eventually settled on a park street lamp.
They look so different when they bring their wings in and sit still.


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