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In Inwood Hill Park and Environs, Signs of Spring Life and Color

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Mercifully, the Spring Equinox

125th Street Elevated Subway Platform in the Rain

The Lampposts of 207th Street

The Wearing of the Green

A Cold Sky

Saturday in the Park with Geese, Gulls, Mallard

Friday After Work, Below and Above on 207th Street

A Fleeting Glimpse of the Cold from the Elevated Train

The Aging City

The Warmest Day Since December

Saving Daylight

Living at the Top of Manhattan

Views of a Day Nice Enough to Spend Outside

Late Winter Landscape: Riverside Park at 116th Street

The Dollar Store, 207th Street

Herring Gull Alighting on a Rooftop

Points North: The A and the 1 at 207

The Sky Turned the Colors of Cotton Candy

Ahead of the Next Winter Blast, A Late Morning Walk Along the Hudson River

The Immature Gull