In Inwood Hill Park and Environs, Signs of Spring Life and Color

Before the steady rains came, it was pleasant to walk around the park this morning.
Finally, pastel-colored spring crocuses announced their presence amid rusty dead leaves.

A Common Merganser took deep dives and came up drenched.

A Blue Jay checked out a cherry tree not yet in bloom.

A  flamboyant flower - Iris reticulata, of some sort - poked out of the ground in Isham Park.


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Typo error in original comment. What I meant to say was: Thank you for the Reminder about your new Blog. I have always enjoyed your original Blog, and I will now enjoy your photos and comments on your new one.
Melon said…
I get to know the NY by web, and I have enyjoyed your original Blog too. I like your photos and comments :) I am glad you continue... Thank you.
Anton Deque said…
Hello Teri.

Teri Tynes said…
Hi Anton, Great to see you here. Teri

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