Ahead of the Next Winter Blast, A Late Morning Walk Along the Hudson River

Now that winter has overstayed its welcome, you have to squeeze in a walk whenever you can.
Today, I walked west on Dyckman Street and then ventured north on the paths next to the ballfields along the Hudson River.
This view is looking south with the George Washington Bridge in the distance.

Winter has its minimalist charms, including the chance for solitude.
I've marked the location of this walk on the map below in case others wish to venture here.

The river was calm today, nicely framed by stark trees and bushes.

Signage - a warning not to swim.
No problem.

The Spuyten Duyvil swing bridge makes a nice finale for the walk.
Amtrak uses this bridge for its Empire Corridor service.
Sometimes the bridge actually swings open to let boats pass from the Hudson to the Harlem Rivers.
Although I wasn't present for either the passage of a train or of a boat.
Maybe next time.

Snow. Tree. The Hudson River. A late winter sky.
Sometimes, life can be happily simple.


dottie said…
Beautiful. Thanks Teri!

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