Points North: The A and the 1 at 207

At the 207th Street station of the A train in Inwood, commuters can learn which train to take by looking at the illuminated "Next Train" sign. It's very old school.
Usually, it's pretty easy to figure out without a sign.
All the trains go back downtown from here.
There are only two tracks, and the first train that arrives is usually boarded by a cleaning crew and swept clean. More or less.
This morning, there were no trains when I arrived, so the sign showed this absence accordingly.
8:26 a.m.

The 207th station of the 1 train, about three blocks east of the A stop, is not the end of the line.
But unlike the 207th stop of the A, the station is above ground.
On many days, I commute in the mornings on the A and come home via the 1.
Now that the days are growing longer, although not warmer, I especially like to finish my work day with a glimpse of the sky.
5:24 p.m.


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