A Misty Marsh; and A Paddling of Ducks

I walked over to the salt marsh in Inwood Hill Park today.
The scene was misty and icy, befitting a fairy tale.

In the distance, the fog rose from the Hudson and Harlem Rivers, obscuring the Palisades.
It was near 55 degrees. It was not as cold as it looked.
Several gulls were winter camouflaged on the ice.

The mallard ducks were there as usual, hanging out on the icy beach at low tide.

The hill of Inwood Hill Park declines and falls under the Henry Hudson Bridge.
The mist rises from the ice.

Not much snow was left on the ground today, but visitors still needed to watch for icy patches on the pathways around the marsh.
It was easy to slip while watching the ducks in the mist.


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