Along the Southern Rim of Inwood Hill Park, a Cardinal Gathering

Readers of this relatively new site have seen many pictures of the northern side of Inwood Hill Park, the area near the Harlem River.
Today, I wandered over to the park's southern side. Walking south on Payson Avenue toward Dyckman Street,
I entered the park next to the "Forever Wild" sign. These spots are designated areas for rehabilitation of the natural habitat. As such, these make good spots for birders.
That's The Cloisters in the distance. The sunsets from here are often spectacular.

Here's a wider view of the park entrance.
Today, several people were out on the trails with their dogs or just taking a winter walk.
The path was a little slippery, so it's smart to wear good boots.
(see location on map below on this page)
I wrote just now that other people were on the trail, because I think some people get too scared to walk into places like this.
It's New York. Be observant. The weekends are a good time for walking in the woods.  

Ahh, a female Northern Cardinal.

And a male Northern Cardinal.
Let's talk about pictures of cardinals in the snow.
I see these types of pictures in sentimental greeting cards and calendars,
especially ones from the local pharmacy and gas station.
Don't you?

People love pictures of cardinals in the snow.
At a basic level, these red birds provide relief from the monochromatic winter landscape.
Also, many people are fans of various sports teams with a cardinal mascot.
This means that people who like the St. Louis Cardinals, for example, will end up with a ton of pictures of cardinals in the snow. 

Cardinals have a pleasing song.

Several cardinals flocked to the park today.
And they look glorious when frozen in flight.


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