An Early Evening Walk Down 207th Street: Let's Eat

A view of rush-hour traffic on 207th Street, looking east toward the University Heights Bridge.
On the sidewalk there below is a dining room table(s) with several chairs.
Quite the scene for al fresco dining.
The dining room furniture is in front of a furniture store.
My thoughts immediately turned toward dinner.

Walking west on 207, I stopped to peer in several markets and restaurants.
El Tina Fish Market, 500 W. 207th St. 

Empanadas Monumental, 522 W. 207th St.

Inwood Thai, 582 W. 207th St.

Amy's Restaurant, 586 W. 207th St.

La Nueva España, 606 W. 207th St.
Everything looked good, but I wanted to go home. I found leftovers in the refrigerator.


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