Fort Washington Park: Beyond the Lighthouse, Visions of a Blue City

I set out on a long walk early this afternoon to the park adjacent to the George Washington Bridge.
Here is the much-discussed bridge.
If you want to go here, walk west on W. 181st and then locate the pedestrian bridge over the highway.

One of the notable features of Fort Washington Park is the view of the bridge and of the Palisades of New Jersey.
It was Super Bowl Sunday, and a lot of people were trying to get to Jersey. 

Many cyclists and runners explored the paths underneath the bridge.
I was fortunate that we did not collide. 

I visited the Little Red Lighthouse.
The Jeffrey's Hook Lighthouse was made famous in a children's book.
The story is that when the big bridge was built overhead, enough light emitted from the bridge to make the lighthouse irrelevant.  When the little red lighthouse grew sad and developed self-esteem issues, the bridge told the lighthouse that both were important. The bridge would guide the planes, the bridge said, but the lighthouse should watch the boats.
So both lights shone in tandem.
The popularity of the story helped save the lighthouse.
Now the bridge has some issues. Maybe the little red lighthouse can help with that.

Beyond the lighthouse to the south, an ethereal city rose in the fog above the Hudson River.

In the middle, One World Trade Center.
On the left, the Gothic spire of Riverside Church.

Canada Geese flocked to the park and fed on grasses under the melted snow.

A dog romped along the shoreline.

A runner reached his destination and gave the lighthouse a gentle tap.


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