Making Peace with the Circumstances

Moments after I took this early evening picture on the Broadway Malls near 116th Street, I crossed the street to the uptown 1 station to go home.
After boarding, the train lingered in the station. After a short while, the conductor announced that a passenger had become ill at the 125th Station, the next stop uptown, and that trains were being held.
A little later, another announcement spoke of significant delays.
An additional announcement indicated that the train at 125th Street was being held for the arrival of help.
There were several more announcements, all apologetic in nature.
The train was full of people, and most everyone was quiet.
We settled into our own worlds, plugging in tablets for games and books (for we are a literary people) and music devices for personal playlists.
The train started moving again about 30 minutes later.


dottie said…
I am remembering the train coming in from New Haven, always slowed to a near stop at 125th...back in the late 60' was like a dark film...elevated with no relation to the vibrant hustle and bustle on the ground...just the escapes...people just watching...smoking...waiting...I always wondered if I could go there...if I dared. I did not.

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