Beyond: A Weekend in Montauk

I was in Montauk this past weekend for a little away-time. The town at the end of Long Island was quiet and windy.
It wasn't completely deserted.
Thousands of people arrived for Sunday's 51st St. Patrick's Day parade, the second largest in the state. (not shown here)

Many people come to Montauk for the sunset.
It does not disappoint.
View from the terrace at Montauk Manor.

At The End, as this area is aptly nicknamed, it is easy to image thousands of sea voyages and nearly as many shipwrecks.

On the southerly side of Montauk Point lies a rocky cliff reminiscent of the English shore. Also here is Camp Hero State Park, a park that includes the site of a decommissioned military base. The old radar on the right remains an artifact from the day. Conspiracy theorists may be familiar with the "Montauk Project" where secret military units supposedly conducted time travel experiments at this base.
Such rumors greatly contribute to the Montauk mystique.

The Montauk Point Lighthouse, the oldest in the state, was commissioned by President Washington and built in 1787. An exhibit inside traces the lives of the native Montaukett peoples, Montauk's role as a major shipwreck site, its excellent fishing, and attempts in the 1920s to refashion Montauk as the Miami of the North.
What would help with that would be a few palm trees and a semi-tropical climate.

In summary, Montauk makes a good place for time travel, especially if that means getting on a train at Penn Station and traveling eastward in space and time. 


dottie said…
Beautiful,Teri. It's been many years since we were there...

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