The Moon Last Night Over Northern Manhattan

Hours before the moon fell into eclipse, it hung brightly over Northern Manhattan.
It was not blood-red at this hour.
The brickwork of Inwood's pre-war apartments assumed the color role of the evening's moon play. 

Passing clouds enhanced the moon's brightness.

How does full moonlight play upon the psyche of those who live behind the curtained windows?
I don't know. But I slept deeply last night, with long pleasant dreams lasting all the way to morning. 


Anton Deque said…
Beautiful moonrise here in the UK. I came down my street fuming at being delayed by a missed bus when I saw the glow in the sky just above some trees. Then I noticed something else; a large white object sailing silently overhead; the International Space Station (so a friend told me). Had I been 'on time' I'd missed both. So something to be said about being late once in a while.

Love the new site Teri!

Great photos, Teri. Did you also notice Jupiter overhead and a "Full Mars" near the moon?

Too bad it clouded up in our parts for the lunar eclipse.
Teri Tynes said…
Anton - I'm always on time. I probably miss a lot that way.

Redstone Soldier - I missed the planets. I should have looked for them.
Actually, Mars appears in your first two photos positioned directly above the full moon even though it is slightly dimmed by the high thin clouds.

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