Between Saturday Showers, Pictures of Spring Jaunts in the Park

On Saturday in New York City, several showers swished over the city, west to east, in a few sizable waves that often came as a surprise. The humid atmosphere, coupled with the cloudy skies, accentuated spring's colors.

Before the showers, the morning started out clear and bright.

This week is noteworthy for the spring migration of birds. The rugged forested terrain of northern Manhattan and the proximity to the Hudson and Harlem Rivers make the area a hotspot for birding. I spotted several visiting birds throughout the weekend as well as the more familiar birds who stay here all year round. The one pictured above may be an Orchard Oriole. It was rather small to be a Baltimore Oriole.

Spring in Inwood Hill Park

Spring and the Henry Hudson Bridge

I visited nearby Isham Park in the afternoon. The park is high up, providing excellent views and the kind of cozy privacy we like in a tree house. The meadow had gone a little wild, in a good way.

The gigantic ginkgo tree (below), just off Broadway in Isham Park, looks like it can talk and sing, maybe dance, or even grab people who come too close.

I swung by the Dyckman Farmhouse Museum at the corner of W. 204th and Broadway to catch the end of tulip season.

Later in the afternoon, it rained steadily. After the showers moved to the east, I returned to the cove in Inwood Hill Park. Evening was falling. While the remaining sunlight dappled the top of the trees, the street lamps in the park turned on.

The view widened at the river's edge, and the drama of the sky took over. Way in the distance, above the line of the Palisades, another shower was getting organized.

As it turned out, the storms were over for the day.

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