Pictures from an Evening Walk in Inwood Hill Park on the First of May

Yesterday, it rained torrents, and we were under flood warnings in New York City. It was cold, too.
Today is a different story.

I headed to the park after getting home from work.
Others had the same idea.

I arrived at the time the sun was setting behind the hill of Inwood Hill Park
and the light still played upon the water.
This is the cove in Inwood Hill Park near where the Hudson meets the Harlem. 

The Henry Hudson Bridge links Manhattan with the Bronx. 

There was a blimp.

Who does not envy a creature that can sleep like this?

The landscapes in Inwood Hill Park do not mess around with a profound sense of SCALE.

On the far shore, commuters travel back home up the Hudson.
May 1, 2014 7:44 p.m.


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