Today's Hideous Commute, in Black and White and Slush

Lest you think that all this blog shows is pretty pictures of an idyllic Northern Manhattan landscape,
let me present to you images of today's commute.
First, the backstory.
 Turning in last night, burrowing themselves under thick and warm duvets, many residents of Gotham dreamed of a Snow Day today. Surely, the weather forecast of ice and snow
would precipitate cancellation of New York City schools, we assumed. As the New York City school system goes, so goes many businesses and agencies.
This morning, however, we learned school was not cancelled.
 It was not a beautiful day. The skies continued to deliver ample amounts of sleet and freezing rain.
New York City was effectively called in to work.
The intersection of Broadway and W. 207th Street in the Inwood neighborhood.

Walking to subway and bus stations presented a challenge in the wintery mix, but it was nothing compared to what was happening to morning commuters on the
1, 2, and 3 subway lines that run up and down the west side of Manhattan.
Signal problems at morning rush hour crippled these lines.
Everyone who rides those trains has a story to tell today.
I ran into a coworker at the 168th stop of the 1 train downtown.
We boarded the crowded train, though the engines were not running. After the train powered up and moved down the line, we stopped at 145th Street and were told to get off.
We walked up to the street level (Broadway and 145th, shown here). My coworker, flamboyantly and successfully, hailed a cab. We splashed through an icy curbside lake, holding hands, and dove into the cab.
This was a happy and lucky moment,  lounging in luxury in the back of the cab and laughing all the way way to work.    

Coming home during the afternoon commute proved less of a problem for the subway ride.
Negotiating the curbside, however, was the challenge. The depth of the melting snow was hard to fathom.
207th Street.

Walking through the winter landscape involves under-used muscle groups.
It's exhausting.
207th Street.

To the person on 207th Street who improvised this footbridge, I am so grateful.
When I arrived home, exhausted from today's slush dances, the apartment elevator was out of service.
But at least I was home. 


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